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soybean oil-based bulk oil mainly supply small package filling plant andlarge food factory

small package of edible oil mainly supply large supermarkets, farmers market and convenience stores throughout the community. we have small package edible oil brands as mei shi ke, le kou fu and bohi. the scope of the oil includes soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, blend oil, flaxseed oil, corn oil, olive oil (imported) and so on.

scientific oil solution to provide a healthy lifestyle for mankind

actively lead the trend of the edible oil industry; step by step introduce the concept of health into the edible oil. from the initial " add zero antioxidants" to "zero-trans fatty acids" promoted by natural grain blending oil, from moderate refining to "edible oil into the brain care age" by dha blending oil, the concept of "health" continually guide new product development and promotion, we have been to enhance people's quality of life.

the only soybean oil supervised by chinese grainss and oils association

as the only soybean oil supervised by chinese grains and oils association, bohi industrial edible oil apply moderate processing technology, the products realize the retention rate of zero trans fatty acids, vitamin e and being more than 90%. the vitamin e content of the products is more than 1000 ppm, phytosterol is more than 2000 ppm. experts of china grains and oils association agree that the technology is in the lead of international edible oil field, and is of great significance to the entire edible oil industry.

the world's leading quality assurance system

we own the world-class vegetable oil continuous refining process equipment, enzyme degumming technology, mixed oil refining technology, the united states elf ultraviolet sterilization system, italy automatic labeling system, robot automatic boxing and other production control system to achieve computer automation control of the whole process from raw materials to finished products. small packaging oil filling process applies nitrogen-filling process, so that oil and air is isolated. filling workshop uses air conditioning purification system, the ground uses epoxy gravity ground, the entire production process to establish a strict microbial management and testing system, fully meeting the advanced level of sterilization treatment globally.

stable and quick supply system

the group builds grain and oil processing plants in boxing county, qingdao, guangdong zhanjiang, guangxi beihai with the total edible oil capacity of 200 million tons. we also set up edible oil sales companies and offices in more than 10 provinces, and customize the logistics solutions using group’s logistic company.

mei shi ke – chinese delicious, worldwide customers brand product introduction
mei shi ke – chinese delicious, worldwide customers

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bohi series brand product introduction
bohi series
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