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sodium hydrosulfide

molecular formula:nahs    
physical and chemical properties:colorless acicular crystal, easy deliquescence; can decompose and release hydrogen sulfide at the melting point; easy soluble in water and alcohol. its aqueous solution is strongly alkaline and it can react with acid and release hydrogen sulfide. the industrial sodium hydrosulfide is generally orange or yellow solution and it is bitter.
advantages: compared with the same kind of products, the sodium hydrosulfide produced by our company has many advantages, such as high purity, less impurities and difficult to soften with heat. and it is widely used in the industrial fields like mineral processing, pesticides, dyes and leather production and organic synthesis. the high purity and less impurities of our sodium hydrosulfide can effectively reduce the customers’ production costs, which makes it highly favored by customers.  
application: in dye industry, it is used as an auxiliary for the synthesis of organic intermediates and the preparation of sulfur dyestuff; in leather industry, it is used for raw hide depilation, tanning and waste water treatment; in fertilizer industry, it is used for the removal of the monomer sulfur from the activated carbon desulfurization agent, and it is also used as the raw material for the manufacture of the semi-finished ammonium sulfide and pesticide ethanethiol; in mining industry, it is largely used for copper processing; in the production of artificial fiber, it is used for sulfurous acid dyeing and so on.
packing:25 kg net weight; total three layers of packaging including the inner plastic bags and the outer woven bag.