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products and services

grain and oil processing chain

grain and oil processing chain mainly produce soybean dreg, soybean oil and small packaging oil, and also do business of cottonseed dreg, granulated cotton hull, rapeseed dreg and cottonseed oil, rapeseed oil. downstream business mainly involves the research and development of fatty acid, phospholipid (fodder grade), phospholipid (food grade), sterols, natural vitamin e.

grain and oil processing chain

stable and reliable global outsourcing platform

reliable global outsourcing platform cooperates with international four major food businesses, namely abcd company, japan's mitsubishi, marubeni, mitsui.

transactions based on the same values

by improving the transaction mode, we create business value, take full account of the value of every link in the industry chain, so as to maximize the value of the entire industry chain.

competitive processing costs andlogistics costs

owning a complete industrial chain from the imported soybean outsourcing to product sales; the scale processing of each 5,000 tons of soybean crush plant minimize the cost of raw materials and production. every year, millions of tons of processing trade, collaboration between different ports, providing sufficient flexibility to optimize the logistics solution.

excellent professional innovation team

we also built a top product development team. supports from the external team as jiangnan university, henan university of technology, professor wang xingguo, the innovative platform key laboratories of grain and oil intensive processing of shandong province and the achievement such as national science and technology progress award and formulation of national standard for cottonseed oil provides a source of power for bohi to develop innovation in the grain and oil industry.