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products and services

fiber manufacturing product chain

the main business of yamei science and technology co., ltd. is to import wood pulp and produce cellulosic fiber. currently, its main products are differentiated cellulosic fibers such as vsf (viscose staple fiber) and modulus fiber with high whiteness and high moisture. it has its own brand, yamei, which is a shandong top brand.

our core strengths

comparative advantage of low-cost brought by the long-term and single procurement mode

compared with the domestic companies who generally use cotton pulp, yamei has an obvious advantage of low cost by the single usage of imported wood pulp. in an era with high cotton price, using imported wood pulp can improve the company’s profitability and its ability to resist risks. and yamei also adopts a different procurement mode that yamei signed long-term procurement agreements with south african sappi company, thailand scg company and some other major wood pulp suppliers in the world. usually, the agreements signed by both parties will last at least for one year and the prices in the agreements refer to the historical prices which have set benchmark prices and price fluctuation ranges.

internationalized management team

yamei has a first-class management team with dr. reisinger as ceo. dr. reisinger comes from austria and he is a senior expert who has many years of management experience in the global cellulosic fiber industry. in 2015, he was awarded as oversea expert of "taishan scholar" - the highest award in the field of professionals in shandong province.
market advantage

with the usage of the amc (awareness- motivation-capability) structure, we organized an analysis of our competitors in domestic viscose fiber market from the aspects of market commonality (mc) and resource similarity (rs), and finally, we focused on the markets where we have logistics advantages such as shandong market. at present, about 70 percent of our products are sold in shandong and its surrounding provinces such as jiangsu and zhejiang and about 30 percent will be exported to the international market.

world-class processing equipment

yamei bought key equipment from world's top suppliers - spinnerets from switzerland, dryers from britain, balers from germany... and yamei quality inspection center has good inspection environment and perfect facilities and it has lpcmd/02 celloscope imported from germany, computer jetting poly stainer, color analyzer, single fiber denieroscope, single fiber tensile tester from lenzing of austria and some other international and domestic advanced laboratory testing equipment, which can fully guarantee a comprehensive testing and an effective control of the various factors that impact the products quality. what’s more, yamei has a sound scientific research and development system which successfully developed a series of new products with high technology and high added values, such as fiber with high whiteness and pulp with high polymerization and many of which filled the gaps in the fields of china. yamei is identified as enterprise in high and new technology industry by shandong province science and technology agency.