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production base
boxing production base
  boxing production base is located in the yellow river delta efficient ecological economy zone which is situated at the joint area of three big economic zones----beijing-tianjin-hebei collaborative development zone, bohai economic rim and jinan city group economic circle. this territory has basic facilities like ports, railways and highways and it has a railway that connects jiaozhou-jinan railway and lanzhou-lianyungang railway, so the products delivery can not only reach the vast northwest inland, but also reach deep into the central asia and european region through the china-europe cargo train.
  in may 1996, bohi industry introduced the world's first-class continuous refining process equipment for vegetable oil and built the first factory in boxing production base, thus it became one of the original domestic modernization factories for oil processing. at present, shandong bohi oil industry co., ltd. has a soybean crush production line with a daily processing capacity of 2,500 tons, a vegetable oil refining production line with a daily processing capacity of 350 tons, a cottonseed peeling production line with a daily processing capacity of 150 tons, a small-bottled oil production line with a daily filling capacity of 350 tons, a fatty acid production line with a daily production capacity of 25 tons and a phospholipid (fodder grade) production line with a daily production capacity of 20 tons.
  at the end of 2004, bohi industry took over shandong shenghe thermal power co., ltd. and after three times of expansions, shandong shenghe thermal power co., ltd. has already had four sets of 130t/h circulating fluidized bed boilers and three sets of 75t/h generators with an annual steam supply capacity of 3.6 million tons and an annual generating capacity of 480 million kw/h. these capacities of shenghe can not only meet their own production needs, but also meet the energy needs of the whole boxing economic development zone and the winter heating needs of boxing county.
  in may 2005, bohi industry entered the cellulosic fiber industry. it introduced the world-class technological equipment like german, british and swiss equipment and imported foreign wood pulp. after two phases of construction, all six lines (with a daily capacity of 720 tons) of bohi industry have been completed and put into production and their total production capacity is 260,000 tons per year. in 2016, bohi industry newly installed another 60,000 tons of differentiated cellulosic fiber capacity and the total production capacity reaches 320,000 tons and it ranks forefront among the domestic single cellulosic fiber production plants with high capacities.
  in addition, the real estate company of bohi industry is also located in boxing production base. boxing county bohi real estates co., ltd. has developed two real estate projects--bohi spelndid town project and bohi polis project---in binzhou city. the bohi splendid town project gained the national 2a residential performance confirmation and won the guangsha prize, the highest award in the national real estate industry, and bohi industry is the first one to win this prize in the residential construction history of binzhou city.
qingdao production base
  qingdao port is the largest estuary along the yellow river, owning the largest bulk food unloading base along the yellow river. four of the five routes on “one belt and one road” planned by the state can start from qingdao port, which makes it an important gateway to the opening of the country.
  bohi industry built the largest grain and oil processing plant with two phases in shandong province in 2005 in qingdao port on the 8th wharf.
  january 2007 build the first soybean crushing production line with the daily soybean processing capacity of 6,000 tons and edible oil refining capacity of 1,000 tons. in 2010 built the second soybean crushing production line with the daily soybean processing capacity of 6,000 tons and edible oil refining capacity of 1,200 tons and small-bottled oil production line with the capacity of 1,000 tons. relying on qingdao port’s strong advantages in port and logistics, bohi industry products cover north, northwest, southwest region of china and are exported to japan, south korea, southeast asia and other regions.
  in addition, there are qingdao seawit life science co., ltd. in which marine biological technology is the leading industry and qingdao hoho huitu which mainly provides urban direct drinking water services and waste gas treatment solutions.
shanghai international trade center
        shanghai is one of china's economic, financial and shipping centers. shanghai port as an excellent riverside and coastal international port, cargo handling capacity and container handling capacity ranks first in the world. shanghai also has the first pilot free trade area in mainland china -- china (shanghai) pilot free trade zone.
        shandong bohi industry co., ltd. (shanghai branch) was established in 2005 and is located in lujiazui, shanghai international finance center.
       shanghai company as bohi group’s market research and development centers and trade center, mainly deals with import and export business including bulk agricultural products, fodder, textile raw materials. adhering to honest and trustworthy corporate image, bohi group has established a long-term and stable cooperation with well-known companies including the world's top 500 and a number of large shipping companies. at present, the company's soybean imports business, soybean meal and lecithin exports business, wood pulp sourcing and fiber exports business have been all over the world. the import and export of related products have been leading in the country.

beihai production base
  beihai city is located in the south of guangxi province, northeast of the beibu gulf, ranking the outpost of china-asean free trade zone. tieshan port is one of the most convenient accesses to the sea in the southwest. it is one of the important transportation hubs of guangxi province and the great southwest connecting guangdong province and fujian province land economic corridors. it is also one of the ports of origin of the world-famous "maritime silk road".
  in 2010, bohi industryand beibu gulf port group build the beihai production base. the preliminary cooperation projects include soybean crushing production line with the daily processing capacity of 6,000 tons, vegetable oil refining production line with the daily processing capacity of 1,200 tons, small-bottled oil production line filling 500 tons per day, and the thermal power plant with annual steam supply of 1.08 tons and power supply of 8,640 kwh, which provides products and services to china southwest market and the asean market.

zhanjiang production base
  zhanjiang port is the shortest port from mainland china to southeast asia, africa, europe and oceania. it is the gateway to the cargo of southwest and south china. it is a strategic hub for the asia-pacific economic circle.
  in 2011, bohai industrial built production lines including soybean crushing production line with the processing capacity of 5,000 tons, vegetable oil refining production line with processing capacity of 1200 tons, phospholipid production line with the daily output of 35 tons in zhanjiang lingang industrial park. the base applies world-class production technology such as the america crown and sweden alfa laval, and supporting the construction of storage systems (including 100,000 tons silo, 36,000 tons tank area).