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social responsibility

environment friendly· bohi responsibility

bohi industry has two circulatory economy industrial chains and the electricity, steam and some other power needed by these two industrial chains are provided by its own power plant and this power plant can also digest the waste gas from these two industrial chains in order to ensure a closed circuit.
in the production process, bohi industry actively uses advanced production technologies to minimize the pollution and truly achieved the coordinative promotion of harmonious coexistence of the enterprise and the society. for example, bohi industry spent more than 20% of its fixed asset investment on the environmental protection of the cellulosic fiber production lines and matched with a world-class and mature environmental protection management system.
in november 2010, bohi industry was named as one of the first batch of circular economy demonstration units and one of the circular economy standardization pilot units in shandong province. in april 2012, bohi industry was awarded as one of the national circular economy standardization pilot units by the national development and reform commission and the national standards committee and the company also passed their acceptance check in june 2015.