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bohi business
business innovation
bohi industry always sticks to the vision of "set up a business platform, build a harmonious homeland and achieve the common dream", and it has taken innovation as its source and planted innovation genes in technology, marketing, management and some other aspects of the company since its foundation.
after 20 years of development, the scale of the bohi industry has expanded rapidly and its incubation capacity of innovation projects has been gradually enhanced. the existing industry chain continues to extend which creates a continuous birth of entrepreneurial opportunities.
we took these projects out of the existing resources and give more entrepreneurial opportunities to the capable youngsters. at present, the qingdao seawit marine bio-tech project, the qingdao hoho huitu waste gas treatment environmental project, the bohi logistics project and the lecithin (food grade) project have made progress. all the projects are fast-growing and with high returns.


in the future, bohi industry will be open to the public communities and it will work together with financial or some other institutions to provide more and better exchange platforms to the entrepreneurial teams or enterprises and help them to have a healthy and rapid growth.