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sodium sulfate

product name:sodium sulfate    
molecular formula: na2so4
physical and chemical properties:physical and chemical properties: white monoclinic crystal or powder with a relative density of 2.68 and a melting point of 884 ℃; soluble in water and its aqueous solution is alkaline; soluble in glycerol and insoluble in ethanol. if exposed to the air, it is easy to absorb moisture and become aqueous sodium sulfate. it will turn into hexagonal crystal under a temperature of 241 ℃.
advantages:the sodium sulfate produced by our company has the advantages of high purity and less impurities and it is highly favored by customers. its main physical indicators are as follows: sodium sulfate ≥ 99.5%, calcium and magnesium content (in terms of magnesium) ≤ 0.03%, iron (in terms of fe) ≤ 0.002%, water content ≤ 0.02%, water insoluble matter ≤ 0.05%, whiteness ≥ 80%, ph value is between 6-8, chloride (in terms of cl) ≤0.003.  
application:it is widely used in the manufacture of chemical products such as sodium sulfide, ultramarine and sodium silicate; it is used in the manufacturing of sulfate paper pulp in paper industry; it is used as a substitution of soda in glass industry; it is used as a filler in dye industry; it is used as dyeing auxiliary in printing and dyeing industry; it is used as laxatives or barium poisoning antidote in pharmaceutical industry. in addition, it is also used in the manufacturing of synthetic fiber, leather, nonferrous metallurgy, enamel and soap.
packing: 50 kg net weight; three layers of moisture-proof packing bags.