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china is one of the world's most populous countries with the fastest growing speed. however, the per capita consumption of vegetable protein and edible oil of china is still lagging behind developed countries.

soybeans are the most important variety among all the oil crops. it not only provides edible oil, but also provides us with a lot of plant protein. but china is short of arable land and water resources, domestic soybean is just a drop in the bucket. on the mission "to provide green products and create a better life", bohi industry entered into the grain and oil industry, using global soybean resource to meet the flushing needs of people in china.



  bohi industry actively uses advanced production technologies to recycle by-products to the greatest extent. in this process, we found that, with the improvement of living standards, people started to pay more attention to the properties of comfort, safety and environmental protection of textiles.
  due to the shortage of arable land and decrease of cotton planting area, textile enterprises started to look for alternatives to cotton and the cellulosic fibers became the best alternatives because of their excellent properties like ecology, high-tech functionality, safety and reproducibility. then bohi industry chose to enter the field of cellulose fiber. 
  until then, bohi industry built two ecological industrial chains---one grain and oil processing chain and one cellulosic fiber production chain. in order to ensure the sustainability of the production process and products, we got raw materials for these two chains from crops, forests and bamboo forests which can be planted over again. and using plants as raw materials for our products can make the products completely natural and bio-degradable, which means that the products can fully return back to nature.