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products and services

engineering solutions

  bohi hoho huitu is committed to direct drinking water pipeline engineering and environmental protection engineering technology company, focusing on the development, design, equipment supervision, engineering supervision and complete sets contracting and operational services of direct drinking water, environmental management and other direction.

our products and services

mainly engaged in technology development, transfer, technical services, technical advice, new product development research, design and engineering project contracting in environmental protection and energy-saving areas; sales of petrochemical, environmental protection, energy-saving equipment and accessories; engineering and technology development research, engineering contracting of food and food processing field ; engineering consulting; environmental impact assessment; clean production assessment; sales of thermoelectric equipment and accessories, automated instrument sales and complete sets of equipment. case: build the first “direct drinking water into the households” residence community poly prosperoes life.

our core strengths

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      bohi hoho huitu includes part of the professional directors and technical backbones of bohi, who have a wealth of practical experience.