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products and services

logistics services

  established in 2008, shandong bohi logistics co., ltd., a member of bohi industrial co. ltd., is a comprehensive logistics service provider integrating general cargo transportation, container transportation, import and export goods agency, warehousing, distribution and circulation processing.

our products and services

bohi logistics is a professional, large-scale third-party logistics company. at present, the annual transport volume is nearly 100 million tons. distribution capacity is 50,000 times in qingdao. it has set up two logistics service platforms in qingdao and boxing county. advanced and efficient means of information processing is the continuous protection for the improvement of bohai logistics. "bohi logistics management information system" pursues flexible and perfect architecture in design and information accuracy, comprehensiveness and real-time in usage. the company plays an important role in information transferring, as an indispensable tool for network operation. high information-structured system not only makes possible the lean management of bohi logistics, but also provides higher information service for the customers.

our core strengths

  • general cargo advantage

      relying on the group's products, we establish a qingdao-boxing bulk cargo line transport, own more than 100 sets of fixed vehicles, have strong operational capacity, and provide customers with "efficient, safe, low-cost" logistics services.

  • warehousing advantages

      as our close cooperation partners, qingdao qianwan international freight logistics warehouse has convenient transportation and strategic location. it is locates in the front of huangdao qianwan port wharf, only 1 km from the customs gate, with reinforced concrete structure warehouse of 10,000 square meters, the storage site of 20,000 square meters, more than 20 container machinery, could do business of goods warehousing, unboxing, short and lon...

  • consolidation advantages

      cooperated with shandong smart logistics, zhenhua logistics, daya logistics, shandong sinotrans and many other logistics, we have a team proficient in the reinforcement of steel, aluminum, equipment, steel column. we adhere to reduce costs for customers and win-win cooperation and to provide customers with one-stop service.

  • route advantage

      as the booking agent of domestic shipping companies like msk, apl, yml, csav, sit, we sign freight agreements and enjoy a favorable freight. the company\'s main shipping routes include: japan-south korea routes, southeast asia-the middle east routes, africa routes, china-south america and us routes.